What is the Executive Mirror Program (EMP):

A 9-week online program, that empowers organizations to develop, promote, and preserve key talent.
  • One of a kind: EMP is completely online, yet using sophisticated algorithms,
    it’s personally customized for each user.

  • Not a “how to” course: Based on our Inside Out Methodology, using powerful diagnostic models EMP enables managers to reveal their hidden potential and guide them to unleashing it.

  • Efficient: A neuroscience-based personalized executive coaching solution at a fraction of the cost.

The Science Behind EMP


What can EMP do
for your organization?

Promote your
own people

EMP is the only program that uses powerful diagnostic models, enabling you to promote your managers internally, rather than hiring externally.

Extremely affordable

Individualized, customized coaching at 10% of face-to-face coaching rates.

Tailored for each
manager’s needs:

The customized online EMP training platform uses neuroscience-based algorithms to adapt to each manager personally, taking into account their own needs, pace and potential.

Real measurements
for success:

The EMP process doesn’t end upon completion of the course. Six months after completion, participants fill out a customized questionnaire and receive feedback on their progress, guidance on further improvement, and a promotion-readiness indicator, based on sophisticated algorithms.

Constant feedback
and growth:

The nine-week EMP program is powered by proprietary psychometric tools and feedback channels, ensuring that managers work through the program, track progress and reach the finish line.

Grow your people - Grow your business!

How EMP works:
Personal, efficient and affordable


A unique model and diagnostic questionnaire, which recognizes each manager’s untapped potential and identifies which elements need to be nurtured in order to unlock their hidden abilities in the future.

EMP Report:

A personalized, detailed report based on the EMQ algorithms. This report forms the basis for personalizing a training program for each manager.

Personal feedback:

Throughout the program, at predetermined milestones, the user receives instantaneous personalized feedback using powerful diagnostic tools, regarding the quality and pace of their progress. This motivates them to stick with the program all the way to the finish line.

Completion report:

Once a manager completes the program, the organization receives a summary report with relevant action items for future development - defining a clear path for the manager’s promotion.

The bottom line:

Your managers get the most sophisticated coaching program at 10% of the cost of a face-to-face business coaching.

What makes EMP the best training program?

Not a cookie-cutter solution:

So many programs use a single model for success - but that doesn’t make any sense. Why replicate a model that worked for someone with a different background, personality and circumstances? An organization can find itself spending a fortune on such programs, without tangible results. EMP’s focus is different: Using powerful neuroscience-based algorithms, we don’t make people what they’re not, but rather, strive to make them better at being themselves.

Personalized to promote individual growth:

Many programs focus on general tips and on trying to fit managers into existing molds and patterns. With our advanced models and diagnostic surveys, the EMP focuses on “breaking the mold” and promoting each individual’s improvement. When it comes to management coaching, one size does not fit all.

EMP is not a “how to” course:

Many programs focus on generic managerial skills, such as time management and team building. While these competencies are important, they do not help managers achieve promotions. EMP’s holistic approach, driven by neuroscience, is specially designed to transform today’s managers into tomorrow’s executives.

Noticeable, measurable results:

An integral part of EMP is the feedback process conducted six months after managers complete the program. This phase lets the organization know how prepared managers are to be promoted and what else needs to be done.

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See what's inside the course

Your 9-week step-by-step journey towards the corner office:
Our Brain and Its Habits

Ever ask yourself how habits are formed? How our brain turns new information into habits? In our first week, the user will discover what habits are and learn how to take charge of them.

Discovering the Hidden Potential

Based on the user’s responses to a comprehensive 200 item questionnaire, they will receive a tailor-made Executive Management Report, revealing new and often surprising information about the user. For example: how is the user really perceived among co-workers? As a manager? Alongside such insight, the report will identify the user’s hidden management potential and what’s needed to develop this potential - as preparation for their personalized Executive Management Program.

Growing the Hidden Potential

This is the heart of the EMP. Equipped with the personalized report, the EMP will guide the user through making improvements necessary to become promotion material. Follow my proprietary DRUM Cycle (as described in detail below), the user receives personal feedback every step along the way accompanied by true stories about managers just like them, who decided that being stuck wasn’t an option for them - and did something about it.

Putting it All Together

Putting It All Together is where we see the magic. This is the home stretch - and the place where the user can see the whole picture through the Executive Mirror, after the 8 weeks of hard work. Looking at the mirror will also provide the user with personal tools and directions, as a guidance for the next steps towards future promotion.

The Methodology

The DRUM Cycle

The path to Growing Your Hidden Potential has 4-steps:

Draw knowledge;

Raise awareness;

Unlearn automatic habits;

Measure progress.

Draw knowledge
Draw knowledge

Only he who can see the invisible can do the impossible.

(Frank Gaines)

The user will experience how things that people thought were beyond our limits can actually be done.

Raise awareness
Raise awareness

What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself.

(Abraham Maslow)

The user will see and understand how the specific changes one makes will pave their path directly to success.

Unlearn automatic habits
Unlearn automatic habits

We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.

(Albert Einstein)

Users will “unlearn” automatic habits that have been preventing their unique hidden potential from growing, and receive personal feedback to make sure they succeed.

Measure progress
Measure progress

Feedback is the breakfast of champions.

(Ken Blanchard)

In this part, a moment is taken to measure progress and receive feedback. This feedback is based on all the user's activities along the program.

What makes EMP so unique?

One size does not fit all

The program is not built on best practices, and won’t try to put the user into some kind of mold. It’s tailored especially for every user, taking into account who they are and what they need. It will help them succeed, while maintaining their competitive edge, and differentiating themselves from others.

The user is not alone

I’m there, every step of the way, following the user's progress and giving ongoing feedback.

It’s theirs to keep

All the materials are the user's property, including the personal report, available at any point in the future.

Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.
My Vision

Hi, I’m Etika, an executive consulting professional with more than 35 years of experience. My goal is to help managers around the world get the promotion they deserve by becoming the best version of themselves.

For the past few years, I’ve spent my days and nights creating a program that reflects all that I have done and learned. Hundreds of managers took part in the early stages of developing the program and in testing it, and I am happy to share the results with you - they are truly amazing!

Over the years, I have recognized several common issues shared by many organizations. One key problem is not being able to promote managers from within. Despite using many training programs and spending endless resources, when an executive position becomes available, many organizations still discover they can’t find the right candidate from within, thus having to hire externally. This often causes problems such as:

  • Disgruntled managers who were hoping to get promoted.
  • Damage to the organization’s brand and reputation, after not being able to promote one of their own.

While most of my career has been focused on face-to-face consulting, the world we live in today offers new possibilities to all of us; thankfully it has allowed me to reach and help more managers and organizations.

That is the reason I’ve developed EMP: EMP is designed to replace personal face-to-face consulting by using neuroscience-based technologies available today. It has all the benefits of personal business coaching, but it is much more affordable.

With EMP, each manager receives a personalized program, tailored to their needs, with proprietary tools and feedback channels to ensure progress and completion.

EMP is the ultimate solution for organizations wishing to nurture their managers from within, and understand the importance of cultivating their existing team. Using EMP improves corporate culture, provides managers with tangible results, and benefits the organization as a whole.

My motto has always been:

Great managers are made. Not born.

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Case Studies

“Thank you, Etika, for all of your help”
After about five years of being passed up for various promotions, I decided to meet with Etika. I can’t express how eye opening the experience was. She showed me exactly what I needed to change in order to increase my chances of promotion. I worked hard… but it turned out great… I’ve been finally promoted ! Thank you, Etika, for all of your help.
F S., Senior Sales Manager
“Valuable to any manager who wants to grow.”
If I could, I would require every manager in my company to consult Etika. Even for an experienced manager like me, her program was an eye opener. Etika’s approach works on both the behaviors that need to be “reined in” as well as those that need to be developed. This is valuable to any manager who wants to grow.
C R., Area Manager
“There’s a huge difference”
As an ambitious professional, I had always kept up with the latest books in career management. They were always full of helpful advice, usually with a checklist of traits that you have to develop in order to get ahead. I tried to follow the advice but I kept feeling as if I was chasing my tail. I decided to consult with Etika about my frustration. She pointed out to me that there’s a huge difference between knowing what to do and actually doing it. Most importantly, making real change requires small, guided steps. After working together with Etika, I finally understand what I need to do in order to manage my career.
D L., Marketing Manager

Grow your people. Grow your business


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